Early S2 Spider registry-1970-74

tthe early model S2 spider page by David M.


The Alfa Romeo Spider legend started in 1966 with the presentation of the classic Pininfarina design,the duetto.Although the vehicle never really carried that name,it was forever imprinted on the Alfisti's mind after the release of "The Graduate".The "osso di seppia" only lasted 4 years but made a huge impression.In 1970 Pininfarina decided to chop off the unpopular roundtail for the cleaner kamm tail version.It is also referred to as the spider fastback,short tail and coda tronca(Italian for chop tail).The spider in this form lasted until 1993! A true testament to the design team.This registry will focus on the early versions of the classic design-1970 through 1974 only.In 1975 North America had introduced new safety legislation,that meant ,amoung other things,the spider would lose its gorgeous split steel bumpers.In Europe,however,the spider remained virtually unchanged until 1983's arrival of the S3 or duck tail.

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